Homeless Program

     The CITA Rescue Mission provides extended relief to the addicted, hungry, hurting and homeless by meeting their immediate needs of food and shelter, while presenting the opportunity to come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  We focus on teaching men how to live a victorious life according to the Word of God while achieving educational, vocational and occupational goals in order to become self-reliant and independent. 

Four Phase Program

Phase 1

Emergency Transient Resident

     Entering the program requires a resident to demonstrate a sincere desire to change their life while being committed to a structured faith based curriculum. For the first thirty days at the Mission the resident must work on campus while participating in all required classes, church services, completing work assignments, demonstrating integrity and accountability.  The resident does not enter Phase 2 until he has demonstrated to leadership positive personal changes in his life.


Phase 2


     An Overcomer is one who is growing in his faith learning to break free from his struggles in life.  During this phase, a resident receives an employability assessment, career counseling, vocational training, and continued discipleship. The resident continues to learn their identity in Christ, allowing them to understand their calling in life.  This period of the program offers men the chance to combine their skills with their Christian faith to help understand their purpose.  


Phase 3


     An Achiever is a resident with a measured record of success.  This includes spiritual growth through the knowledge of the Bible, and by also achieving sustainable employment outside the Mission.  During this phase, the resident must participate in financial counseling, including strict adherence to a budget while maintaining a savings plan.  In addition, we continue to focus on the spiritual growth through one on one discipleship studies and life skills. Once the resident has demonstrated sustainable employment for ninety days, they become eligible for Phase 4 of the program.


Phase 4 Housing Phase

     At this stage, a resident now begins their transition from living at the Mission to Transitional Housing.   This allows the resident an opportunity to become consistently more self-reliant and independent.  Residents continue to participate in the Mission as they successfully reenter society becoming productive members within our community.   



       Phase 1                  Phase2                   Phase 3                 Phase 4

Emergency Shelter       Overcomer             Achiever                 Housing

       Orientation              Employability Skills    Sustainable Employment    Transitional

   Needs Assessment        Career Counseling      Financial Counseling           Housing

  Spiritual Counseling      Spiritual Counseling        Fiscal Planning            Church Family

       Compliance              Vocational Training      Mandatory Savings           Connection

      Reassessment                Compliance             Spiritual Counseling          Bible Study

                                          Reassessment                 Compliance                 Compliance


            If you have questions about our programs please contact us.

                                                 +1 321-725-5160

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