The Bridge to Untroubled Waters
  The Bridge to Untroubled Waters


Hi! My name is George. I was saved at the age of 14, but have been rebellious from the Lord for a long time. I found myself in a Publix parking lot, lost, filled with sadness, and in a back slidden condition. A man approached me with love and kindness in his eyes and said, "Don't do it. Jesus loves you! Come back to your first love." He got on his knees and began to pray as people walked by. Crying out to the Lord, "Jesus loves you and so do I." I walked away deeply convicted and wondering how he knew that the pain of my prodical life was overwhelming. I was lost! Within the hour, I was arrested (rescued) and on my way to jail. Feeling the conviction of the Holy Spirit on my life, I began reading the Word of God every day. I rededicated my life to the Lord while in jail. I got out of jail and called C.I.T.A. I was broken and God continued working on me. I went through a drastic change in my life. God was pulling on my heart strings and making me into his image. Now, I serve the Mission as the Kitchen Manger and have been given the opportunity to preach in chapel services from time to time, sharing what the good Lord has done for me in my life. I lead a morning meeting with my crew in the kitchen, praying daily for the Mission, the lives of each man that walks through the doors of C.I.T.A., and all of the staff that serve the Lord here. I'm walking in the glory of the Lord and I'm so grateful for every opportunity that has been given to me. Each day the Lord wakes me up and there's an immense yearning to do the Will of my Father. I do my best, pray it's blessed, and let God do the rest.

                                                                                                   George Selberis 


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